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Alright friends and anonymous readers (you know who you are) this Saturday BLOG HIGH FIVE will be putting on it’s very first “B^5 presents” show over at The Townhouse (21st and P, Sacramento). This is something that I’ve been wanting to get rolling ever since we started picking up in readership and helping inform Sacramento music lovers of upcoming shows and events that are worth going to and supporting. We’re lucky enough to be putting this night together in conjunction with arguably my favorite dance night “POP FREQ”, the weekly that my friend The GVNR mixes at. Not only that but we are putting it on at my favorite venue for live music and dj events, The Townhouse which is 2 floors of goodness and great sound.

click for facebook event page and RSVP

POP FREQ will be going on downstairs while upstairs we put on a very rare show combining electronic artists from four different cities along the west coast. I got wind that some artists I’d heard buzz about were putting on a west coast tour and were going to be playing SF and then moving further North…. skipping Sacramento (for shammmmmmeeeee). Error corrected. They will now be playing on April 2nd along with my band/music project BOSS MAGIC! Check out some of their music…



A.MADMAN (Seattle)

BOSS MAGIC! (Sacramento)



It seems like shows are coming back people. For a while there it seemed like only DJ events were getting a good response and shows were always the same three bands (not gonna name names). Lately though it seems like there are really original shows being booked with local and out of area bands alike. Tonight I’m really excited to be a part of just such a show. ART vs SCIENCE will be playing tonight at Townhouse along with THE BANK for what seems to be a really memorable show in the making. I was really excited about seeing this show before Brian and I (BOSS MAGIC!) were asked to perform a DJ set to open the night and a short set in between the two groups. Not often do we get good musicians from as far away as Sydney, Australia here in town and especially not ones that are getting some really great reviews from magazines like Rolling Stones (legit). We’ll be starting our mixing set at 9pm so come out and represent a good show folks. Also get your ticket online for a 2 dollar discount (see event info on facebook for the link)

click for event info

They also have one of the sickest music videos I’ve seen in a long while (one of the reasons we could not say no to this gig)

The Bank also looks to be a rad group to see live. With some really good pop style melodies and great dance drum hits they are hard not to move around to. Here is their band camp player for you to check out some tracks.

and of course we’re gonna be playing some of our favorite dance, electro, glitched out, dubstep tracks and some  remixes from ourselves and some other rad Sacramento producers. Here is one of our remixes that has blown up all over the World somehow (Thanks to all the European, Asian and African folks that helped us hit the download limit in no time flat. ha)

It’s Going down @ SHENANIGANS (705 J st) tonight where two legit bands (and i don’t mean a dude with a computer and keyboard…not to insult myself or anything) are going to be playing. EDISUN and EIGHTFOURSEVEN will be playing the 21 and up venue as part of a Local Licks event. I’m also especially stoked about it because one of my BOSS MAGIC! bandmates SEAN BIVINS is the guitarist for EightFourSeven and it’s always rad to see him perform in his much more reputable and hard hitting band. ha. Here are some rad EightFourSeven videos from one of their previous releases “Silent Raid”.

So much going on hard to keep up with keeping everyone else up with what’s going on….. that sentence felt like it came full circle. Well I’m gonna go ahead and drop a bunch of stuff going down that  I know of on you and let you sift through what sounds awesome and such…

It’s Going Down @ TOWNHOUSE tonight for their bi-weekly Dubstep night GRIMEY (21st and P for those who don’t frequent townhouse). The night is always packed and consistently features some great out of town talent, this week featuring SPL from Portland, Oregon.  Of course the resident DJs WHORES & CRESCENDO will also be keeping it legit downstairs while the homie GVNR does his thing upstairs.

click for the facebook event page

It’s Going Down @ TOWNHOUSE on Friday for what is going to possibly be an epic Pajama Party for their weekly ROUGH HOUSE dance night. If the promise of getting to wear comfortable pajamas wasn’t enough they are having guest DJ sets by SLEAZEMORE and WHITE GIRL LUST.  It should be nuts especially since there is apparently only 3 weeks left before they stop doing Rough House at the good ol’ Toho.  The Sacramento Dance scene is changing quick…. Don’t know how to feel about it yet.

check out the facebook event page

It’s Going Down @ THE HUB (1819 23rd Street) on Saturday March 19th with what promises to be a really good all ages show presented by KDVS radio. SOFT KILL, DANGEROUS BOYS CLUB, MONDO DECO and THE PETS will be playing a show there for a well priced 5 bucks and apparently  a dollar more if it’s your first Hub show . I checked out Soft Kill’s music and can I just say I’m really really feeling this. So much so that I really didn’t have any intention of going to two shows Saturday and now I’m going to have to make it happen. Show starts at 8:30 so get on that.

It’s Going Down @ CLUB 21 (1119 21st St.) on Saturday as well for their monthly installment of RISQUE that is going to be a special Risque vs. Wasteland (San Jose) event. One of the only legit 18+ dance nights (us old people can still drink there…don’t trip) that continues to boast huge turn outs and really great dj sets by residents MIKE DIAMOND and MY COUSIN VINNY.

you know the drill

It’s Going Down @ TOWNHOUSE for what might be one of the shows I’ve been looking forward to the most this year, TERA MELOS will be playing along with MARNIE STERN and AMARANTH. If you’ve heard their music before you don’t need me to tell you that it’s pretty effing awesome. Not really sure about too many details for this show as far as price or if they are doing presale anywhere but I’m sure that it will be reasonably priced at the door.

click = facebook

See you around.

All good things must come to an end or get shut down by the police. That’s the rule right? Well tonight something that has at times gone from good to great and  back the other way is coming to an end. The fluctuating success and debauchery had inside the walls of Old Ironsides on a Tuesday night for the last 11 years has meant one thing. LIPSTICK. A dance night at a bar that one would never think to host a dance night. Two DJs who’s musical selection sometimes seems as polar opposite as it can be and over a decade of crowds that have come and gone. Somehow this has all worked for a long time and now that Resident DJs and founders of the night Shaun Slaughter and Roger Carpio have decide to bring it to a close it seems like everyone is making their way out one last time to show appreciation to a night that has always been there for them.

Personally I have gone to Lipstick for half of it’s lifespan and there I’ve met some really amazing people. Friends of friends who would come out to enjoy a good drink poured by my favorite bar tender in Sacramento (yeah I’m talking about Art…. Gonzo is rad. but Art is the effin man!) and by the end of the night we were all dancing and cheering together. I’ve also been to Lipstick on those down nights where I wonder where the people who packed the room the weeks before disappeared to and on those nights I realize that through thick and thin they keep the night going. Until today. It’s not a huge surprise when you look at the sheer number of dance events that now crowd the week and the caliber of dance nights Roger and Shaun have been putting on lately. I am sad to see it go mostly because I just moved down the street and it would have been an easy place to get drunk and walk home from but also because of the nostalgia involved. I got Shaun on the interweb monopoly also known as Facebook and gave him some questions about Lipstick and the future (he’s also a psychic).


Michael Calero (B^5): So by the count on your facebook event page it looks like this last Lipstick is going to go out with a bang. Did you picture it ending like this?

SHAUN SLAUGHTER: Not sure how I pictured it ending or if it ever would. I just think that it’s gotten to a point where I think we’ve done all we can do with it as a weekly and i’m ready to move on. Music has changed and (as it always has) the crowd has changed. I definitely wanted to end it while it was still relevant and I think we’ve done that.

Michael Calero (B^5): Last year you celebrated the 10 year anniversary of Lipstick which is a really unheard of thing for Sacramento dance nights, what about lipstick made have such longevity?

SHAUN SLAUGHTER: Well now we’re on to 11 Years which is nuts. I’ve spent my whole adult life at Lipstick. (Yikes) I think what’s given it such a long life is our commitment to always play stuff we LOVED and felt had a classic feel to it and our common thirst for all things rad and new. Both of us aren’t really genre specific DJs or music listeners and I think that has always sort of given us an edge as far as what we bring to the table.

Michael Calero (B^5): Lipstick at one point was pretty much the only legitimate indie dance night in Sacramento. What do you think about the scene now where it is almost oversaturated with dance events?

SHAUN SLAUGHTER: Well I mean the good stuff will stick and the other stuff will wash away right? I mean, I remember a couple years back bitching (as I often did/do) to a friend about all these DJs trying to reinvent the wheel and bitching that the current crowd didn’t know the difference and basically he asked me that when people look back on their 20s or early adult lives, would they remember all these 6 month old parties, knock-offs etc or remember the ones that stuck to their guns and rode out the storm. I think that still holds true to the parties around today. You can’t expect every project to be an overnight success but if you believe in what your doing that’s what’s gonna shine through right? Too hippy?

Michael Calero (B^5): There are obviously rumors and things about what’s next for you guys. Anything you care to elaborate on?

SHAUN SLAUGHTER: I will say that due to the overwhelming response of people generally bummed out about us shutting down, we are planning something special.

Michael Calero (B^5): Both of you have your own respective projects and nights that you do and there is something I’ve always noticed. Shaun you seem to bring in some of the most legitimate DJs from around the country and Roger via his Record Club promotions puts on shows with some of the best bands from out of town and within Sacramento. How did you guys end up attracting artists to Sacramento and who do you want to see play here sooner than later?

SHAUN SLAUGHTER: Drugs, Money and Sex.
I want to see Juan Maclean of DFA records come and play. Oh wait, we just booked him April 7th at Mix. We also are working on Classixx for the following month and Light Year later this year. ♥

Michael Calero (B^5): Do you think Lipstick will surface again as a weekly dance night down the road?

No I don’t see that happening.

COME OUT TO OLD IRONSIDES ON S AND 10th TONIGHT AND RIDE THIS ONE OUT WITH US (and by that I mean have sex…. just kidding….sort of)

Click for info and RSVP

So apparently it’s going down @THE MOMO LOUNGE tonight for RINSE sundays. Not often does a DJ night or show of this caliber slip by me but this one somehow managed to do so until today when I read the laundry list of DJs that were going to be partaking in the night. I’ll just go ahead and list them and see if you get that same “oh damn” look on your face that I got.


















So basically a ton of rad DJs at a legit venue. If you haven’t been to the Momo lounge it’s connected to Harlows on the back side and has a pretty sick set up. Not only that but the event is completely FREE! which is nuts for a night with this many people mixing.

  • Alright folks it’s going down @PHONOSELECT RECORDS over on 24th & K! PETS will be doing a free show along with THE DREADED DIAMOND (both great effin bands) inside the store. So throw on a jacket and some sort of fashionable head attire to keep warm when you’re walking/biking over there. It starts at 6pm tonight.
  • Afterwards its going down @TOWNHOUSE on 21st and P where there will be a pretty effin amazing show (you know those things where people melt your faces with live music). The homie Zac Brown (ya know the studly dude playing guitar for Tycho and Dusty Brown) will be playing a set with his band I’M DIRTY TOO as well as sets by THIS LUXURY and supposedly PAPER PISTOLS will be playing too (update your event page Zack!)

me three!

Really excited to listen to another Paper Pistols set… he destroyed it at SEMF…

  • if you are going to be out and about in search of the almighty art (not the rad bartender from Old Ironsides but the painting type) it’s going down @ LEVEL UP (J and 24th I think) where the homie JIM SHEPHERD JR is going to be busting out live artwork. Apparently it’s a tribute night to J.Dilla so that should be suuuuper dope. That starts at 10 and goes till close.

click for event page and address.

Well that’s what is up. Word.

OK so here’s and high speed blog! not much time to post so I’m going to give you the info on three amazing things going on today.

1) The CD release of Sacramento’s very own SISTER CRAYON is upon us. The album “Bellow” hit itunes today and even scored an itunes indie spotlight! You can purchase the entire album there if you didn’t score it at the CD release party over the weekend (which was nuts!). Sister Crayon sold out their show here and has already sold out their show in SF at the Rickshaw shop so it looks like it’s nothing but Go Big from here on in for them. Really excited for Terra and the gang. Here’s a link to the itunes download…

2) The Monsters of Bass tour hits the Townhouse tonight boasting the largest mobile bass system on the west coast for it’s sound system. I’m pretty sure that translates to really f*ckin loud bass! So if you dig dubstep and electro that’s the place to hit up for sure. On the tour are some really renowned artists including FREQ NASTY, MARTY PARTY and OPIUO! DJ WHORES and company get the Townhouse pretty crazy on Tuesday night’s Grimey regardless but this should be a very special night.

Click for more info...

3) The end of an era is upon us as there are only two Lipstick nights left 😦 as Shaun Slaughter / Roger Carpio have decided to end the weekly night that has run for 11 consecutive years! Pretty sure a lot of you reading this haven’t even been able to get into a bar for 11 consecutive years. Hell I’m writing this and I can’t even say that. ha. So if you dig indie dance music and freedom you should go support these fine patriots! It goes down tonight at Old Ironsides. Here is the infos…

click to RSVP and get discount info

You think my self promoting blog would be more timely but it’s been an interesting week sifting through tracks for a BOSS MAGIC! dj set I’m doing at what I’m certain will be one of the most memorable shows Sacramento has seen. On the heals of the amazing show they did last month with Daedelus and Tycho, SISTER CRAYON has one big ace up their sleeve tomorrow night. Their debut full length album “BELLOW” drops this week and they are putting on a very special CD Release show for their hometown friends and fans over at Luigi’s (Sacramento). Not only will those anxious to get their mits on the CD be able to buy it before anyone else can they will also be playing the album in it’s entirety live! I’ve only been to a few shows where bands played every song from an album but I will say that each time it has been a special kind of show. Something about being at that sort of show makes the album itself seem more personal and really makes those who buy the album excited for what they are able to now take home with them. An audible memory that they will be able to play at any time.  So to hold you over till tomorrow I decided to post some videos and something a little exclusive for you folks reading this.

Sister Crayon – Why (BOSS MAGIC! remix). < did this back remix way back when Sister Crayon had two members and I didn’t have any band mates at all. ha.

Terra Lopez (of Sister Crayon) – Solo (BOSS MAGIC! reprise). < even further back when it wasn’t even called Sister Crayon.

I’m really stoked to even somehow be a part of this show but I’m also stoked for the line up as a whole. Opening up the night will be PREGNANT and K.FLAY, two artists who I’d started hearing mentioned more and more over the course of the last 4 months or so. Finally I was able to see Pregnant perform and immediately realized it was some much deserved hype I’d been hearing. Here is some stuff I was able to dig up online that really got me excited for this event even more so than I already was.

(really really dig the style that this track has)

Sadly I still haven’t seen K.FLAY perform live but holy shit is she on the level. I know this might sound rap sexist (?) but I really can’t think of that many female rappers that kill it on the mic without using the gender crutch card (yeah lil kim I blame you) but K. Flay’s tracks just come off as pure dope (not gimmicky or looks reliant in the slightest) . Here are a few really good tracks of hers that I found on the omnipresent Youtube…

Like I mentioned earlier Brian Camera and I (of BOSS MAGIC! … find us on facebook…. or soundcloud… or on the astral plane) will be mixing some of our favorite tracks in between sets as well as a special opening DJ set by SEX & WEIGHT whom is well known for his resident DJ spot at Risque and other past Sacramento dance nights (Hold On, Take Flight and others). So I decided to crush yall with a bunch of exclusive free downloads and listens in the spirit of the “not so talked about anymore recession”.

Really dope remix Miguel “Sex & Weight” Francis did under his Feckless Wonders moniker of Phantogram’s track “Mouth Full Of Diamonds”

BOSS MAGIC! – Zef Security (Die Antwoord vs. Crookers) … the download limit is reached on this one but there is a link to a download on the song page comments

BOSS MAGIC! – Rivisking (Sidney Samson vs. Fuck Offf)

SOLE – Hustlin’ (BOSS MAGIC! remix)

BOSS MAGIC! – Your Mom Likes This Song

Deadmau5 vs. Brothers Backword – Stupid Ghosts (BOSS MAGIC! mash up edit)

the dreaded Valentines Day is upon us once again and it seems that a lot of my friends are single or just not feeling the made up holiday. So I’ve decided to lift all of your spirits by assembling some new mixes that just hit the astral plane interwebs from some of Sacramento’s most talented DJs!  Also they are rad people outside of the DJ booth and I love to see people who I actually enjoy make music mixes I can really be stoked about. Each one of these fine mixes is downloadable so get them onto your ipods, iphones, droids, spaceships or whatever and make them your soundtrack for either the most romantic or depressing day of the year! ha.


The first mix is by Blog High Five favorites CHRIS SUPREME AND DAIMS of The Trinity (where the coco at?) and is some serious banger/dance floor magic. I actually put this on high blast when I was doing some cleaning up in my home/studio/base of operations (better known as COBRA) and I found myself moving with the beat more than I was folding t-shirts and organizing music equipment. I especially loved hearing a sample from one of my favorite CLASSIXX tracks mixed in there (hot fire!). Can I also just say that clubs around Sacramento are sleeping on The Trinity when it comes to weekly dance nights. Guest DJ these dudes so I can hear them mix on super loud speakers already!

D.A.M.B. – FEB 2011 MIX

I’m gonna go ahead and say before anything that Shaun Slaughter (D.A.M.B.) is on it like nobody’s business right now.  His D.A.M.B. tracks keep getting more and more fan fare and he DJs more events (in and out of Sacramento) than anyone I have met in the DJ circles I’ve been a part of.  In between doing all of these events and putting out the aforementioned tracks he manages to put together some of the most solid and cohesive mixes you can imagine. Often with a theme or general vision they seem to pull you into whatever world he is trying to introduce you to.  As a true producer/dj should he also slips in some remixes of his own tracks done by Expendable Youth and Nick Monaco.


If you didn’t read my last blog on Sacramento’s monthly CTRL.ALT.DEFEAT. dance night than you should use your God internet given ability to see previous posts right now. Erin Best decided to up the stakes this month and release not just 1 but 2 new mixes! Something about the “Positive and Negative Space” mix gets me more excited than a mix usually would, I’m thinking because it doesn’t always play on the need for dancey tempos or intense build ups and rather has some of the most tasteful selections and styles I can think of in a current mix. The second mix “We Like it Deep” lives up to it’s name with some bassy goodness that had my studio monitors shaking properly.

So hopefully these will get you through the trenches of cupid’s ongoing war of the heart. LOVE YOU ALL (sending you all a ring from Jareds …promise)